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GIRLS – Generation for Innovation, Resilience, Leadership and Sustainability



Local service-learning project.
Service-learning (SL) connects the academic world with the social environment, providing a benefit for the community. The aim is to help the immediate environment with our knowledge and skills. It is important to bear in mind that our task is to help solve a need or a problem that cannot be solved by those affected themselves.
Title: „Illuminating Sustainable Futures – Solar Empower, Energize Tomorrow: Service-Learning for Sustainable Energy Access”
Objective: Empower high school students with knowledge and skills to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all. This service-learning project includes the presentation of a prototype of an energy-independent solar house to inspire environmentally conscious energy practices.
Project partners:
„Sfântul Sava” National College, Bucharest
Forestry Technological High School, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Vâlcea
Project Components:
Public Showcase Event / Community Awareness Campaign / Energy Efficiency and Conservation Workshops: (between April 15 and 19, 2024 at the Technical Univerity of Civil Engineering Bucharest)
☻ Demonstrate the prototype solar house and share knowledge gained with the wider community.
☻ Showcase a prototype of an energy-independent solar house to demonstrate the practical application of renewable energy concepts.
☻ Educate high school students on energy efficiency practices and the importance of conservation.
☻ Public event with guided tours of the solar house, presentations on renewable energy, and interactive exhibits showcasing sustainable practices.
☻ Organize seminars, poster campaigns, and informational sessions to involve students, teachers, and parents in the initiative.
☻ Workshops on energy-efficient technologies, tips for reducing energy consumption, and interactive discussions on energy conservation.

Prototype Energy-Independent Solar House: (April 23, 2024 at the Faculty of Building Services Engineering, Technical Univerity of Civil Engineering Bucharest)
☻ Raise awareness within the school community about the benefits of sustainable and renewable energy.
☻ Construction of a small-scale solar-powered house, involving both university and high school students, with a focus on sustainable building practices.

Energy Access Workshops / Introduction to Renewable Energy / Needs Assessment: quiz-en, quiz-ro / Design and Implementation of Solar Solutions: (April 24, 2024 at the „Sfântul Sava Sava” National College, Bucharest, starting at 9:00 a.m.)
☻ Educate high school students on the importance of energy access and its impact on sustainable development.
☻ Provide high school students with an understanding of renewable energy sources, with a focus on solar energy.
☻ Identify energy-related challenges within the high school and its community.
☻ Engage high school students in the design and implementation of solar energy solutions within the school premises.
☻ Workshops on energy fundamentals, discussions on global energy challenges, and case studies on successful energy access initiatives.
☻ Lectures on renewable energy technologies, hands-on experiments with solar panels, and visits to renewable energy installations.
☻ Surveys, interviews, and site assessments to understand current energy consumption patterns and challenges.
☻ Collaborative design sessions, guidance from civil engineering students, and hands-on experience with solar panel installation.


Project manager (in UTCB): Assoc. Prof. Ion MIERLUS-MAZILU, PhD.


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